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Protest to protect the closing of a High School in Uptown Manhattan

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

From late 2017 to spring 2018, the H.S. for Health Careers and Sciences (HS4HCS), housed at George Washington Educational Campus (GWEC), was facing the unexpected threat of closing its doors. The school captivated the attention of the entire community; especially, the school’s main stakeholders, teachers, parents and students.  The parents and students along with community leaders got organized and launched an unstoppable fight against the DOE and the School District 6’s Superintendent.  The dispute led to a protest march against the closing of HS4HCS which was supported by elected officials. Community support was immense considering the increase in academic growth and positive cultural environment that fostered student and parent engagement. CB12M Youth and Education Committee’s Chair and CSFHC’s representative Fe Florimon was one of the leading community leaders that helped mobilize the movement to seek social justice for the parents and the students.

On March 8, 2018 the Department of Education retracted its initial decision and allowed the Health Careers and Science HS to continue to operate. This success was the result of the power of many voices.

A press release we held at the New York City Hall with elected officials calling DOE and the Mayor to stop the closing of the H.S for Health Careers and Sciences (HS4SC) in March 2018.

Fe Florimón, Founder and President of CSFHC, advocating with parents, students and staff to save the H.S. for Health Careers and Sciences.

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