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English as a Second Language

Parent Program

In accordance to the most recent 2017 data, the National Center for Education Statistics indicated that there are approximately 5 million English language learners (ELLs) in the US public schools. This represents 10.1 % of the US public school students. The majority of ELLs in the US are Spanish speaking and constitute 76 % of all ELL student enrollment.  Similar results can be found in The Washington Heights and Inwood community schools. 


Most ELL students and their families face serious challenges to becoming culturally and linguistically engaged, especially within the school system. Parents’ lack of English language proficiency is a barrier to their involvement in the educational process which in turn negatively impacts their children’s academic progress. Parent involvement is highly correlated with student success and parents’ expectation of their child’s academic attainment. Parents who can understand and communicate effectively in English are confident and able to actively participate in their children’s education and in any decision related to their education.


The CSFHC English as a Second Language {ESL} Parent Program addresses the need to support Spanish Speaking Parents in the development of their English language Skills and in their participation in the education of their children. A sequentially developed ESL Level 1 (Beginners) and II (Intermediate) instructional program is used to facilitate second language acquisition. All literacy components, listening, speaking, reading and writing are part of each activity. Given the economic and emotional toll new immigrants face each day, attention to parents’ personal challenges is incorporated into the ESL program.

Native Language Literacy Program

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